Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Little Bird is honored to carry 'An Awesome Book!', written and illustrated by Dallas Clayton. Based on the simple concept of dreaming big, this book will inspire kids and adults to pursue the passions they dream of, and realize that nothing is impossible.
Dallas says 'There are two kinds of dreams. The ones that you have when you're sleeping, and the ones that you have when you're awake. And that's what the book is about. It's about bringing those two types of dreams together: Your wildest fantasies and your hopes and aspirations. It's about dreaming big.'
Surprised by the thousands of books he was selling, and the amazing feedback he was getting, Dallas began his book tour. His idea was to read the book to as many people as possible, and for every book that had already been sold, he wanted to give one away. And so the 'Awesome World Foundation' began. This foundation exists to promote children's literacy by encouraging kids to dream and dream often. For every copy of An Awesome Book sold by Awesome World, books are delivered directly and distributed to schools, hospitals, libraries, camps and shelters both domestically and worldwide.Little Bird is so pleased to support this foundation. Just like the message Dallas is sharing all over the world, we want kids in Hamilton to know: 'Whatever your dreams are; however crazy they are, how wild or intangible...don't give up. Anything's possible. That's what it's all about: dreaming, giving, sharing, helping other people. That's the goal, that's everything. That's awesome.'

'An Awesome Book!' is available now at Little Bird.

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