Wednesday, January 6, 2010

IKEA Recalls the new LEOPARD High Chair...

The newest high chair from IKEA has been recalled.

The LEOPARD high chair has been making the rounds on design blogs, becoming known for its sleek and modern styling, its (smaller) environment footprint, and its rad colors, but it's now been recalled.

Snap locks that secure the seat to the frame can break, making it possible for the seat to drop through the frame. Children can suffer injury to the head and other parts of the body from falls. Detached snap locks pose a choking hazard to children.'

So far, there have been eleven reports of broken snap locks, and in one case, the seat (with child) did fall through the frame. The child suffered from bruised legs.
In a second incident a detached snap lock was found in a child’s mouth but was removed before choking occurred.

This high chair has become a very popular item, so please pass the word on. If you own a LEOPARD high chair, IKEA asks that you stop using it immediately, and bring it back to the
store for a full refund. You can call (1-888-966-4532) or see their website for more details...

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